I often get asked questions about my gear as well as products and services that I use so I’ll will list them all on this page. Hopefully, you’ll get the answer you’re looking for here.

*Disclaimer: Some of these offer online commissions for referrals and some don’t. This doesn’t affect my recommendation though. I only recommend those that I’ve personally used. Buying the items through the links is one way you can support my work. It’s all up to you though.


Martin Custom OM

My main guitar is a Custom Martin Guitar. It’s very similar to John Mayers OMJM. This is the guitar you see on most of my instrumental videos. I didn’t buy this guitar. Read the story of how I got this guitar.


Seagull Entourage Rustic Mini Jumbo Guitar

I like the Seagull Entourage Guitars. If you’re looking for guitars that’s just under $400, I think these are the best buys. I think they’re as good as Taylors that are in the $500-600 range. When my dad wanted to get a guitar, we got him the Mini Jumbo Guitar. One of my close friends has the Entourage Dreadnought. All I can say is that these guitars are a steal for the quality and price. I recommend these for medium range guitars.


Enya UGT-03

This is my travel guitar. It’s small enough (32″) to fit in an airplane’s compartment. I usually tune it to standard G but I would still tune it to standard E when teaching students on Skype and it still sounds pretty good. This is similar to the Cordoba mini guitars.


D’Addario EJ16-3D Phosphor Bronze

I’ve been using these strings for a couple years now. They’re just so good and so affordable. I play my guitar everyday and I usually like to change my strings every month. If I don’t play often, I may keep the strings for a couple months. These are just solid strings. They sound good and don’t break easily. I also use light gauge. $12 for 3 sets is the best deal for acoustic guitar strings.

Sony HDR Camcorder

My first videos in 2014 were shot with a Sony HDR-SR10. The Sony HDR series have been improving since then. They’re also a lot more affordable now. My philosophy has always been “work with what you have and don’t wait for the perfect moment to start creating content.” It just happened that we had this camera when I started making videos.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Then I married my wife who happens to be a photographer and she has this amazing camera. The video quality of this camera is just AMAZING! We use this mostly when she’s the one taking a video of me. It’s a bit hard to use this as a selfie camera.


Canon EOS 60D

Although I loved the quality of my wife’s camera, I couldn’t really use it for my videos because it doesn’t have a view finder that flips. I can’t record selfie videos. I can’t see if it’s focused on me. So now I use the 60D as my main camera for shooting my instrumental videos. I love this camera. It’s solid and does the job.

Logitech C920 HD Webcam

I got these for my Skype Guitar lessons but I quickly realized that I can make quick 720/1080 HD quality videos with these. Just plug in the USB, open up Quicktime and start shooting. I’ve made all my Worship Video Guitar tutorials with this webcam. At $70, it’s cheap for shooting HD videos.


Apogee ONE

I’ve made 4 instrumental albums with this. It is an audio interface with a built in condenser mic. For what I’m doing, it does its job very well. This is the only mic I use for my recordings. I put it in front of the guitar at about the 10th-12th fret at about 8-14 inches away depending on the song.


I just plug the Apogee ONE to my 2011 Macbook Pro’s USB. Then I use Logic Pro X to EQ, add a little bit of compression, and a bit of reverb.

For video software, I’ve used the free iMovie in the past. Now I use Final Cut Pro X. iMovie is sufficient for what I need.


My website is built on self hosted WordPress, designed with Canvas Theme from Woothemes, and hosted on SiteGround. I’m not a programmer nor am I a talented web designer. It took me a while to actually make my site looking decent. That’s why I bought Canvas to make my life much easier. 90% of all the web designs I wanted to do was done easily with Canvas.