1-on-1 Lessons

Get 1-on-1 personal guitar lessons. These are customized according to your goals and learning style. I only open my schedule to 10 students at a time. 

Get Step by Step Guidance

It’s always best to learn with a personal teacher if that’s a possibility. A good teacher can help you with a good plan to get to where you want, tailored lesson materials specific to your needs, and accountability and encouragement. It can be confusing trying to figure out what to learn or even where you to start. Additionally, some students need the extra accountability and encouragement. Even though I make a lot of tutorials and online courses to teach people how to play guitar, sometimes there is a need for 1-on-1 direct coaching.

Lesson Goals Can Include

  • Arranging for fingerstyle
  • Developing good technique
  • Understanding and applying music theory
  • Developing good rhythm
  • Soloing for acoustic and electric guitar
  • Fretboard knowledge
  • Learning specific songs
  • Worship leading with acoustic or electric guitar, solo or in a band

Current Tuition, Materials, and Scheduling

My current rate is $60 per lesson. Each lesson runs about 50 minutes. I make most of the materials used for lessons. We can talk about scheduling during the free online consultation.


If you are interested, email me at so we can set up a free online consultation. You can ask me any questions and you can decide to proceed from there. In your email, please include your time zone (or city and country), and availability.

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Zeno Guitar Skype Lessons
Average rating:  
 11 reviews
by Breanne Biegel on Zeno Guitar Skype Lessons

Zeno is an awesome instructor. He's fun, easy-going, and patient. When a concept was difficult for me to grasp, he'd spend the necessary time to make sure I got it and had all my questions answered - even if that meant going overtime. Also, he's so accommodating when it comes to scheduling! As an older student with a full working schedule, I SO appreciated his willingness to teach lessons based on what worked with my timeline. Thanks Zeno for your high quality musicianship, thoughtful teaching, and love for the Lord Jesus! His light shines through your work and that's the most important point of all!

by Casey on Zeno Guitar Skype Lessons
Florida, USA

"Over the past few years I have tried lessons on and off without finding the right fit for me....until I found Zeno. I stumbled on Zeno's videos on YouTube and, for the first time, found myself wanting to listen to instrumental music. His playing on guitar allowed me to appreciate the absence of words so that I could hear God's voice in a more intimate way. He has been a great instructor for me and I have noticed very obvious improvements in my playing. He has the game plan and the patience to help me see the big picture. Whether you want to learn to shred, play gentle fingerstyle, folk, or any other style, I am confident Zeno has the skills as a player and a teacher to get you there. I will be a student of his for a long time, I'm sure."

by Tom Campbell on Zeno Guitar Skype Lessons

Zeno is an outstanding guitar instructor who has been most helpful to me since I started taking his Skype lessons a
little more than two months ago. He is very patient with me, friendly, encourages me and I love the way he prepares each
weekly practice assignment that is successfully beginning to rectify my 50+ years of bad practice habits. "Perfect Practice Makes Perfect" a quote from Zeno's teacher, Mr. Benjie, is so true. In other words my years of off and on again finger style guitar practice resulted in developing muscle memory that learned only a handful of songs along with mistakes from less than perfect practice habits. I have had a life long love to play the guitar well, have some knowledge of music, but learning to play on my own does not happen naturally (stuck on a plateau). In my case a "live" instructor who can see/hear my mistakes and customize my weekly practice assignments to help me correct my mistakes has been a blessing.

I discovered Zeno 4 months ago with a Google search leading me to his YouTube worship songs which I really love the way he plays them so well. Downloaded some of his tabs, began a monthly support pledge on his Patreon site, he gave me access to some of his Soundslice videos (split screen of him playing and synchronized to tablature) but still I was making very little headway, and getting frustrated (because of my muscle memory mistakes). To me it is well worth paying his tuition for his Skype guitar lessons. For he is helping me to build a solid foundation that will help me advance my finger style guitar playing which I truly love doing. I have learned more from his Skype lessons in just a little over two months than I would have done in my own in a lifetime.

by Gary on Zeno Guitar Skype Lessons
United State of America

At 61 years of age, I had become disillusioned and frustrated with the possibility of ever being able to "Comfortably" play the guitar. Knowing I needed foundation, I asked a friend for some help. He recommended a simple song on to practice finger style guitar. I noticed the on-line lessons and decided to give it a try. I can confidently attest, Zeno is a great instructor! He's extremely patient, easy going, yet very disciplined with structured lessons which display his desire to meet my personal goals. He has amazing attention to detail on technique. He makes lessons fun! Most importantly, he listens to me the student. He champions my success. He will not overwhelm me with material too difficult to handle. He develops weekly lessons that challenge me as a student, yet keep me inspired. I actually look forward to whatever new material he presents on a weekly basis. I am confident, that if I don't give up on myself, Zeno will lead me to my desired goal of playing all styles of music on a guitar, and actually take me farther than I ever imagined!

by John on Zeno Guitar Skype Lessons

I cannot express enough how good a teacher Zeno is. He was able to explain the CAGED system (with the chord shapes and stuff) in a way that I was able to really understand. To be able to see it visually on the guitar the way he showed it to me was really helpful. There are little things and tricks that he shows you to help remember things like notes on the strings. He just made things easier for me. Soloing too. I never thought I'd be able to learn it. I know I'm still in my early stages, but I feel like he has given me enough knowledge and the tools to be able to get better if I put in the time. He also will make you apply the things you learned as soon as possible which speeds up your learning curve. The thing I am most impressed about him is his preparedness for every lesson. He always has materials that directly addresses my questions and needs as far as learning something musically and the guitar.

by Faith on Zeno Guitar Skype Lessons

It has been my long time desire to learn to play the guitar the "proper way" and when I stumbled into Zeno's youtube tutorial I instantly knew I found the teacher I wanted. Although I was a bit skeptical at the beginning as to how a skype lesson would run but it turned out to be fun and relaxed. I'm glad I took the chance coz I really learned A LOT! He is very, very patient and knowledgeable. He wants perfection which helps get rid of those old wrong habits in playing. And makes sure that I get the best out of the 30mins session. Nothing wasted. He would work on helping to achieve your personal goals so that somehow you will stay motivated and focused even if the lesson gets tough. Most importantly, he has become more than a teacher..he has become a friend. I would definitely recommend him. It's all worth it.

by Darin G on Zeno Guitar Skype Lessons

Zeno is a wonderful teacher that I highly recommend. From his friendly demeanor and genuine encouragement to his guitar mastery I've really looked forward to each lesson and the journey of learning to play!

Like others I wasn't sure how lessons would work over Skype, but I've found it to be a great experience that has worked very efficiently.
Give it a try and see how great it feels to learn how to play guitar!

by Tracy on Zeno Guitar Skype Lessons
United States

I was a bit skeptical of music lessons online, but I am glad that I tried! Zeno has taught me so much over a short period of time, and he is very into details. I really appreciate that he not only knows how to play the guitar well, but also he knows how to help his students to get there step by step. From chords transition to tone quality, he can notice what's wrong and and teach me how to make it better. I truly appreciate taking lessons from Zeno and I highly recommend it!

by Gabrielle on Zeno Guitar Skype Lessons

Zeno is an amazing teacher!!! I started taking Skype guitar lessons with Zeno in June, and I've learned so much! I have had many guitar teachers in the past, and I must say he is one of the best!! Zeno genuinely cares about his students, and he makes learning fun! I HIGHLY recommend him, you won't be disappointed! Worth every penny!

by Dave on Zeno Guitar Skype Lessons

Hmmm, this review box needs more stars.

I fell in love with his music on YouTube and Facebook and when he started the Skype lessons, I jumped at the chance to learn his fingerstyle methods. I'm an intermediate beginner and I've been doing once a week lessons for 2 months. Having an instructor who is so passionate about teaching and compassionate when I don't get it (!) is making me want to play more and take my guitar playing to a new level. He will bring his knowledge to whatever level player you're at. I've bought enough books and videos to fill shelves but nothing has motivated me as much as the personal lessons from Zeno.

I like the flexibility in his lessons. When he see's that I'm interested in some particular aspect of theory, he's right on it to explain it fully and has a lesson ready for the week to bring that into practice for me quickly. He will give you all the time you want on what you're interested in learning that day. So I get to really learn what I'm interested in. Several times during he sent me an email with new suggestions on what to work on so he's always thinking about you as a student. You likely won't find that with other instructors.

He's designed custom lessons to fix some of my bad habits in my playing (particularly my poor picking thumb position) and what I love is he'll tie it into a song that I like which will get me to want to practice it. He's also put together a worship song that is so dear to me and although I don't think I'll ever play it as well as he does (he would say differently!), I'll certainly be able to play it soon for others.

One other great thing is that the lessons are using Skype and this works in his style of teaching. It also makes it so much more convenient and relaxing to do the lesson right in my home...he doesn't seem to even mind me sipping on a glass of wine while we're working 🙂 You do need to have decent bandwidth or it will be troublesome but it hasn't been an issue for us.

by Lizzy on Zeno Guitar Skype Lessons

I have been taking Skype lessons with Zeno for about 3 months now (2x weekly) I would highly recommend him as your teacher because he is patient, caring, makes the lessons really fun and engaging.

I am amazed at how much I have learned from him in a short amount of time. He also is very encouraging and even if you still are not getting a concept right he still finds a way to make you feel encouraged, and finds another way to teach it to you.

He goes out of his way to help you as a student, much more than your regular teacher. You can email him with any questions, and he also makes videos for me to help me to understand more.

He is passionate about teaching and wants you to succeed as a person!

Not sure about lessons through Skype? As long as your connection is relatively good, it feels like a "live" lesson.