How I Got a Free Custom Martin

I did not start out as an acoustic guitarist. In fact, I was not even interested in it until after 10 years of playing electric guitar.

And if I had the money, I probably would not buy an acoustic guitar that cost a couple thousand dollars. I would buy an amp, some effects pedals, and maybe even a new electric guitar.

Let me tell you how I got started into fingerstyle acoustic guitar.

It all started one afternoon when a random lady showed up at our church while we were rehearsing.

She asked us if we wanted a piano and an organ. She was cleaning up her storage and wanted to get rid of them. My bass player agreed to take the piano and I the organ.

I thought it was gonna be some cheap organ. To my surprise, it was a Hammond B3! I couldn’t believe it! It even came with the Leslie speakers.

These things cost thousands of dollars. A used one back then in my area would have cost $6000 easy. And so I hauled it in and brought it to my house.

It looked great in my living room. The only problem was that I didn’t have the cable to connect to the Leslie speakers, and I didn’t really play the organ.

So for months it was just there, slowly turning into a beautiful decorative furniture where I put some of my clothes on.

Then after some time, I went to watch the band NEEDTOBREATHE. At that time they hired David Leonard as their keyboardist. He’s now half of the band All Sons And Daughters.

It was a great show. After the show, I went to talk to the musicians like I always do after shows.

In talking to David, I mentioned the story about the random lady. His jaw dropped! He had been trying to acquire one for year but failed to find one.

He immediately offered to trade his keyboard and acoustic guitar for my organ.

Long story short, I agreed because at least I could use the acoustic guitar. He came over to my place, had dinner, and picked up the organ. He was a real nice guy.

And that was how I came in possession of my Martin acoustic guitar, which ended up changing my musical direction. Now, I mainly play acoustic guitar as a full time musician.

Whenever people ask about my guitar, I tell them it’s a gift from God, because it is.

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1 year ago

Hi, Mr. Zeno! I was on the verge of crying due to personal battles when I decided I needed something to calm my nerves. Since I love guitars, I typed anything related to acoustics and fingerstyle until I saw your album on Spotify. I immediately downloaded your whole abum and since then I’ve been listening nonstop. It became a great solace to my crying soul. I was just closing my eyes the whole time while listening to the hymns. I wanna know if you’re a fellow Seventh-day Adventist so I tried searching you in Google and I found this site.… Read more »