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Empty Folder?
Sometimes when unzipping files, the folders come up empty. The problem here is with the archiver software. If this happens, use the alternate dropbox download link. If your order does not come with dropbox or if this still doesn’t work, you can try to unzip with this free online archiver software: If nothing else works, just send me a message and I’ll email them manually as soon as I can.

Can’t find your TAB?
If you bought a TAB and missed the download page and/or did not get an email with the download links, you can do two things:

First, check your spam folder for the download links.

Second, you can access your TABs by clicking on “LOGIN” on the top left or click on the image below. Just login with your username and password and you’ll get access to all your orders.


For other issues, send me a message

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