Snark Tuner Review by Zeno

My snark tuner!
My snark tuner!

That is my snark tuner! And I love it! The last snark tuner I had lasted for 6 years before I had to replace it because some of the kids at church broke it. They are super super affordable! ($9.95 on Amazon).

The battery lasts a long time too. In 6 years, I think I’ve only replaced the battery twice. I love the bright display. I’m the Music Leader at my church and I can clearly see the display without trouble even when it’s really bright out. I also love that I just have to clip it to use it instead of having to plug in a guitar cable.


There are probably more accurate tuners out there. But if you are looking for a good decent tuner that is cheap, has great features, and lasts a long time, this is a great tuner for you!


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