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Music As A Language

Learning Music With Victor Wooten

I saw this last week and I just kept agreeing to everything Victor Wooten was saying. The two ideas that I really like are:

1. Music as a language.
I’ve always taught with the idea that music is a language. Even in practical teaching situations such as soloing on guitar, I tell my students to tell a story with the notes they play. Every musical phrase is a sentence. Put them together and you got a story. We are learning all of this so that we can tell our story. We can express ourselves.

2. Music should not be an end to itself, it is a powerful tool that can make the world better.

Watch for yourself and be inspired a little.

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Snark Tuner Review by Zeno

My snark tuner!
My snark tuner!

That is my snark tuner! And I love it! The last snark tuner I had lasted for 6 years before I had to replace it because some of the kids at church broke it. They are super super affordable! ($9.95 on Amazon).

The battery lasts a long time too. In 6 years, I think I’ve only replaced the battery twice. I love the bright display. I’m the Music Leader at my church and I can clearly see the display without trouble even when it’s really bright out. I also love that I just have to clip it to use it instead of having to plug in a guitar cable.


There are probably more accurate tuners out there. But if you are looking for a good decent tuner that is cheap, has great features, and lasts a long time, this is a great tuner for you!


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Progress Not Perfection


I mentioned in my last post that I’ve been thinking about making a website for a while. I’ve just been delaying it because life happens. But in all honesty though, one of the reasons I delayed it is because I thought I wasn’t good enough yet. “I haven’t mastered this technique yet.” “I don’t have enough experience yet.” “This guy other guy is already doing it.” “What will others think?” “Will they compare me to this other guy?” “Will they notice my sloppy legato technique?”

I don’t remember where I read it but I knew after reading it that it gave me permission to just go ahead anyways. I read somewhere someone wrote “progress, not perfection.” Meaning, it’s about the progress that’s happening, not perfection. To put it in popular sayings, “it’s the journey, not the destination.” I realized that I am flawed in my musicianship. I’m not perfect, and certainly not the best, nor do I even think I’m near the best. And THAT’S OKAY, because it’s about progress, not perfection.

When learning guitar, we should always have the mindset of a learner, the mindset of ‘progress, not perfection.’ It’s okay if we make mistakes, just don’t stay there. Keep progressing and soon enough, you’ll improve tremendously. I also believe that having this mindset helps us enjoy the music more. Comparisons will only bring us frustrations.